"The challenge is to know how to best blend the two concepts, achieving each time a shared vision, an execution that is faithful to it, a result that has its own identity"

- Michele Arcarese



Michele Arcarese is an Italian architect and interior designer specialized in the design of sophisticated hotels, residences, and commercial spaces with a twenty-year portfolio of international projects. 

During his university studies, Michele also worked as a set designer in Paris, where he developed his sensitivity for stage space, lighting, and emotion. His passion has always been to create a coherent mood to live space. He developed his talent by specializing in hotels and luxury spaces. Hospitality is, in fact, the area where he started to work in the late nineties, and thanks to which he founded is architecture, interior and design studio in Rome.

His leitmotiv is a CONSTANT RESEARCH OF BALANCE BETWEEN REASON AND EMOTION. A concept and method with which he trained his team, and that he uses in the masterclasses he teaches. 

Throughout his experience, Michele Arcarese has experimented with all ramifications of architecture: from the design of large buildings down to single fabrics. He has created unique objects for every individual space he designed, which to date represent a collection of over one hundred pieces. 


Michele Arcarese has reached full maturity and the ability to manage any type of project with an open and confident mind. Research is the lifeblood for him, that is the reason why his design activity is constantly evolving in a way that avoids the risk to be trapped in an aseptic and repetitive style. 

His amiable and peaceful personality has tempered the firmness and the determination grown in him with his professional experience. These are the distinctive characteristics that customers and partners identify him with.

Meet The Team

"My team is emotionally and functionally involved with me  in every project"

Just like me, my team accurately reflects the strengths of  Italian attitude: high quality, flexibility, speed, empathy, and intuition, whilst also embracing an international approach to design, optimal for global-scale projects.


Founded in  2000 in Rome,  the Michele Arcarese studio specializes in luxury architecture and operates in Europe, Asia, and North America. Its passionate multi-disciplinary team paired with the world-renowned Italian excellence of craftsmanship offers every project a unique personality. 

Winner of numerous awards, the studio has created a wide variety of sophisticated and exclusive hotels, retail outlets and private residences, building trust and solid relationships with important groups such as Hilton, Marriott, Accor, NH Hotels, BWH, Vivienda, Jumeirah Barcelo, and many more. 


The philosophy of the studio is to combine reason and emotion in order to bring the client's vision to life with meticulous care.​ Michele and his team offer timeless architecture and design solutions, immersed in the local context, faithful to the customer's taste and the brand's individuality.

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Katerina Ivakina


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